Public safety, crime prevention, maintaining law and order, and property protection are the purposes of police. The true measure of an effective police force is not how many arrests it makes or how many violations of law it prevents, but how little criminal conduct and lawlessness there is in society.

It is important for the public to feel safe and protected when going to the police, however there have been instances where the public has been afraid to go to the police.

No government or police can be with every citizen, to protect them, so when crime is increasing against senior citizens, women, children, and others, the people of the country need to step up and stop the crimes.

The aggrieved person generally feels alone and unsatisfied with the actions taken by the Police.

We are a charitable trust (NGO) where people can register their problems, and we will take the problem up with the relevant police authorities and government authorities to get it resolved quickly.

Moreover, people understand that police personnel are also members of society, and they face so many difficult situations and circumstances due to the involvement of powerful persons, and they have to act according to the laws. There are so many times when the actions of the police are not according to the wish of the aggrieved person. People should also pay respect to the police and cooperate in performing the responsibilities assigned to the police.

We will organize meetings, camps, events, and other ways to share information with the public and also strive to improve the relationship between the public and police.

Citizens want to live in a safe and protected environment, which requires cooperation among them.

Our organization helps to the people to connect with each other by registering them as members of the organization.

Now, it's time for us to stand up and fight together

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