Enhance trust and confidence and be a voice against crime by building a stronger relationship with the community. The Police are for public protection and prevent them from crime, and they also responsible for maintaining law and order of the country. The true measure of the effectiveness of any police force is not the number of arrests or police action but the absence of criminal conduct and violation of law in the society.

The public should feel safe and protected while going to police, but there are instances where public is afraid to go to the police.

It is not possible for any government or police to be with each and every citizen, to safeguard them. The people have also to be united and stand against the crime so that their grievances should be redressed with the help and cooperation by the police.

The aggrieved persons feels alone and not satisfy with the actions taken by the Police which are not according to their wish, causes destruct the image of the police. The people also understand that police personals are also the member of the society and face so many difficult situations and circumstances due to the involvement of powerful persons, which creates the tension and depression among police. the police have to act according to the legal system of the country. The police system has been made for maintaining peace, law and order of the country which needs the proper respect from public and also cooperation for performing the responsibilities assigned to them.

A charitable trust (NGO) incorporated under the name & style ”PUBLIC POLICE” , where people can register as member, and their problems, complaints and suggestions will take up by our organization with the higher police authorities and concerned government authorities to resolve at the earliest.

Our organization will start conferences, camps, events and other mode of information’s for updating to people and promote to increase the healthy relationship between public and police. The organization will enhance the healthy brotherhood ship between our members of the trust by connecting them to help and cooperate with each other.

Now the time has come to be united and fight against the crime to be our registered member, we are just click away.

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