Project for Citizens Care

Concept for senior citizens care

Now a days the respected senior citizens are facing the problems as their care become so hard due to so many situations and circumstances. They feel alone and aloof as there is no one to listen them or talk to them. Even respect from children and grandchildren they find that their kith and kins are busy with their priority work i.e. job, business, studies, carrier etc.

The senior citizens whose children have gone to abroad due to the priorities find themselves in a very tough time as nobody is there to sit with them and provide a good time where they feel that life now is also enjoyable and fruitful. The situation is gets even poorer where only one of them is alive and they do not find anyone who can spend time with them to take care of their affairs. They feel that we have nothing to do in this world and why we are living and for what. They are not finding any reasons to live.

In the old age, the respected senior citizens even have a fear to go outside. They need a companion to be along with them so that they can enjoy the outside world

The “PUBLICE POLICE” NGO has discussed a lot one and made a study on this situation. It proposes to provide the “JANMIRT” to such respected senior citizens to make them happy and joyful. Such “JANMIRT may spend minimum of 4 to 5 hours daily are so on may be a rotational basis; where the “JANMIRT’S are well verified and identified by the NGO and also well trained in different sector of services.

The Public Police NGO has the slogan “LET THEM LIVE BEFORE DEATH”

The NGO will prepare a website and App. So that the Senior Citizen may well informed and choose a “JANMIRT" to join them and assist. The “JANMIRT" goes to them will be equipped with Doctors prescribed medical Box for emergency for which the “JANMIRT "shall go for the training.

The NGO will maintain a panel of Doctor’s and also Hospitals of different sector of medical, in case of emergency services the ambulance services will be on call

The services shall be provided on a very reasonable price to the senior citizens so that a large no may be served. The “JANMIRT" will provide some hours to the very poor needy persons and also visit to the old age homes to create & provide a happy and joyful environment.

The concept will create following things.

The Senior Citizen care by the Youngsters and others.

The Youngsters will get the incentives so a good job may be created in the social field.

The Youngsters will understand the problems and situation socially, Psychological, Physical, mental etc. of the old age and it may create a social engineering as they will also understand that one day they become old and has to face the more difficult situation.

There will be the transformation of knowledge and experience from senior citizen who are very rich in the same to youngsters and get the benefit to handle the situations and circumstances of their life.